Stunning Shepherd Huts

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Stunning Shepherd Huts

What is the process of buying a hut?

Understanding what you want 

First, we arrange a meeting so that we can understand exactly what you want from your hut. If you can make it to our workshop on the west Welsh coast we would love to give you the guided tour. Sometimes a face to face meeting just isn’t possible, and in that situation, phone calls and emails get the job done just as well.


Now that we know what you want we will provide you with your design so that you check it over and make sure that you are happy with your choices.



Your hut is finished and ready to be delivered.  When on-site our delivery team will not leave you until your hut is in position and you know where everything is and you are 100% happy….Now it is time for us to go away and leave you to enjoy your very own shepherd’s hut!

Questions & Answers

When buying a Shepherd Hut it is, of course, natural to have lots of questions. Here we answer those most commonly asked but if you don’t see your question answered don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. Please click the link below to download our brochure of Q&A.






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